Introducing a new range of products at Kalypsos

September has come round rather quickly, hasn’t it?! For most of us, it’s back to school week with a fresh, new academic year – but we thought it was time for a little refresh in the salon too!

As many of you will know by now, Ellen is leaving for maternity leave on the 18th September. We’re wishing her the best of luck in this new, exciting chapter of her life!

Also, after 15 years of loyal service, Val has decided to hang up her scissors and retire gracefully, travelling the world! Val will be leaving us on the 28th September and we wish her all the best in her travels – bon voyage!

If you usually had your appointments with Ellen or Val and haven’t yet discussed with them who will have your next appointment, please pop in and see us when you’re next passing by to help us pick the right stylist for you.

A brand new line!


We’re bringing in a new brand to the salon this month and we’re very excited!!

“The authentic result of Davines’ loving scientific commitment is a precious line of intelligent products, rich in ingredients of natural origin, and dedicated to what every woman holds most dear, beauty and its profound essence.”

We love everything about the Davines (pronounced dav-ee-nes) brand – from the farms in Italy which sources the ingredients, right down to the beautiful packaging that makes the opening of each product feel like Christmas! You can read more about Davines and their products here.

Having a refresh

Kalypsos will be closed from Sunday 18th – Tuesday 20th September for some minor re-vamping. With the small changes in staff and the new line of Davines products we’re bringing in this month, now seemed like a good a time as any to bring a little freshness about the place!

We’d love to see you – especially after we’ve spruced the place up. Book your appointment online now with either Sal, Emily, Janet, Katharine, Natalie or Sophie and have a nosey at our refreshed salon.

Sugar hair removal appointments available

Skin CandyOn the 5th September this week the Kalypsos team gained new member Jenny Richardson. You will find our lovely Jenny in our new beauty room, as she’ll be providing our pain-free sugar hair removal treatments for you, as well as Bowen therapy.

Jenny RichardsonOur sugar paste is an excellent way of removing unwanted hair whilst conditioning skin at the same time. The sugar paste removes hair from its roots with its unique combination of entirely natural ingredients.

Even the shortest of hair can be removed with the paste, so there’s no need to wait through that awkward regrowth phase you’d normally have to when waxing. To learn more about our sugar paste hair removal treatments, hop over to our page.

Contact us to book your appointment with Jenny.