Damaged hair is most definitely not fun to live or deal with. It’s the reason why most women postpone (or stop completely!) colouring their hair. When the urge to go lighter, darker, red, pink, turquoise or any other colour, it’s sad to remember how dry, brittle and lifeless excessive use of dye can turn your hair – that thought alone stops most of us from taking the colour plunge!

Well ladies, we’re telling you right here and now that you can have your dream style and colour without the damaging repercussions!

Damaged hair

In 2015 Olaplex took the hair industry by storm back when Kim K went from dark brunette to platinum blonde in a day (and back!).

Olaplex allows you to colour your hair without damaging it, as often as you like. It’s the brainchild of scientists which transforms brittle and broken hair back into strong, flowing locks and we’re proud to be the only salon in Shaftesbury that offers this popular sought-after treatment.

With that in mind, we figured it’s only best to let you in on the magical product!

What IS Olaplex?

Olaplex treatmentOlaplex makes your hair stronger, healthier and colour will last much longer. Olaplex is a salon-applied hair treatment that repairs damaged strands of hair by linking the bonds back together. The magic works from inside out to strengthen, condition and literally reconnect the hair strand structure where it’s broken.

It’s especially beneficial for you ladies who have chemically coloured hair as it has the potential to restore the health of all damaged hair types, given that hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services. It also allows your colourist to push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of the hair. Hello mermaid hair!

With and without Olaplex

How does it work?

Many big brands have claimed to do what Olaplex does, but have fallen (very) short on their promise. What makes Olaplex different is it was made by scientists, not by brands from within the beauty industry. To explain clearly how it works, we’re going to have to get into a little bit of science here, but we promise to keep it as simple as possible!

Hair contains lots of keratin proteins, which has the amino acid cysteine. Cysteine is special because it contains a sulphur atom, normally two sulfurs will join together to form a disulphide bond, creating a link between two proteins.

All of these proteins holding hands are partially responsible for your hair’s overall shape and strength. When hair is permed or straightened, these bonds are deliberately broken into two groups, and then reformed when the hair is pulled into its new shape (this process typically takes a few days). Repeated heat, sunlight, hair styling and chemical treatments (e.g. colouring) will also break disulphide bonds and lead to weakened, damaged hair.

Bisaminopropyl diglycol dimaleateImage from labmuffin.com

The active ingredient in Olaplex is a compound called bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate and two ends of this compound form bonds with the sulfurs, making an artificial, extended disulphide bridge. A new disulphide link is formed between the two sulfurs, making the hair stronger. This process happens quickly (unlike straightening and perming) meaning hair damage during colouring is drastically reduced.

How is it applied?

Olaplex and colouringOlaplex can be mixed in with colouring products to minimise damage, or it can be used as a separate treatment with the sole purpose of repairing the bonds within the hair strands.

Once the treatment process in the salon has finished, you have the option to purchase a bottle of Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector for £35 which you take home to apply to your hair once a week. This bottle contains the same active ingredient that was used in the salon to treat your hair, and this enables you to maintain strong, healthy hair in between services as it will continue to link bonds within your hair.

Overall, Olaplex is just fantastic. We’re the only salon in Shaftesbury that can provide this brilliant new service – we’re just as excited about it as you are! If you’d like to have Olaplex used in your next colour appointment with us then ask for a “Colour Service Upgrade” and we’ll add the treatment whilst we treat your hair, all for £15! Call us now to make your next appointment.