Skin Candy

Hair removal with Scandinavian Skin Candy is an excellent way to remove unwanted hair and condition skin at the same time. The paste is not attached to living skin cells but the dead cells are removed from the skin, resulting soft and smooth skin.

The struggles, tears and agony over waxing

To be able to wax, there first must be some regrowth for it to be at all effective, so the period of time before your next session can make you feel a little unsightly! The process of waxing also involves removing not just dead skin cells, but new ones too. This is what causes the red-raw rashes immediately after, and for those with sensitive skin the rash can last up to a couple of days. This is also what leads to in-grown hairs, as your skin heals that extra bit over the follicles, making it impossible for the hair to break through the skin. And, let’s be honest ladies, the whole experience is just utterly painful.

Scandinavian Skin Candy sugar paste

Our Scandinavian Skin Candy paste is an excellent way of removing unwanted hair and conditioning the skin at the same time.

Skin Candy removes unwanted hair all the way from its roots with its unique combination of ingredients. Even the shortest of hairs can be removed with the paste, so there’s no need to wait through that awkward regrowth phase you normally would when waxing. Skin Candy also doesn’t attach to living skin cells, but instead removes dead cells from the skin which results in softer and smoother skin – without the uncomfortable redness!

Skin Candy consists of natural ingredients which don’t irritate the skin or lay open to allergies whilst providing long lasting results. Our lovely Jenny provides this pain-free hair removal service in our all-new beauty room. Contact us now to book your appointment.

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Our pain-free sugar paste hair removal is now available!

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Our pain-free sugar paste hair removal is now available!

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