When did you last love your hair?

When did you last love your hair?A great haircut is a distribution of weight within three dimensions which compliments face shape, body shape and clothing personality. Colour can enhance or detract from any areas you might want to draw less attention to and bring the eye to the best features.

However, after many years of experience, we can tell you that the most skilled stylists need to play detective. The questions we ask include: When did you last love your hair? If I could do one thing, what would it be? How much time do you have? What is your budget? If I give you the scissors, what would you cut?

Only then can we begin to look at images, not with a “Can I have that one” view, but more conversation around “What do you like about that? Show me what you’re drawn to. Tell me about how you look after your hair at home?” After this, we begin to explain face and body shape etc., and build together a plan just for you.

This process needs to take place to some extent on every visit. After all, no change equals no change! Let your hair bring out your best features when you next come to visit – book your appointment now.

Welcome back Katherine!


This weekend we’re welcoming back Katherine who has been on maternity leave for the last year! We can’t wait to have her back! Katherine will be working on Fridays and Saturdays 9:30 – 4pm. Book your appointment with her online now.

We’d also like to welcome Sam from Gillingham school on his work experience. He’ll be our excellent salon assistant for the next two weeks so if you’re popping in, be sure to say hello!

Hair today, gone tomorrow

The argument between shaving and waxing is an age old, but waxing isn’t coming up trump now.

The struggles, tears and agony over waxing

To be able to wax, there first must be some regrowth for it to be at all effective, so the period of time before your next session can make you feel a little unsightly! The process of waxing also involves removing not just dead skin cells, but new ones too. This is what causes the red-raw rashes immediately after, and for those with sensitive skin the rash can last up to a couple of days. This is also what leads to in-grown hairs, as your skin heals that extra bit over the follicles, making it impossible for the hair to break through the skin. And, let’s be honest ladies, the whole experience is just utterly painful.

We’ve got a new product coming very soon called Scandinavian Skin Candy and we’ve got to tell you that it’s an absolute dream. The sugar paste is an excellent way of removing unwanted hair and conditioning the skin at the same time.

Scandinavian Skin Candy sugar paste

The sugar paste removes unwanted hair all the way from its roots with its unique combination of ingredients. Even the shortest of hairs can be removed with the paste, so there’s no need to wait through that awkward regrowth phase you normally would when waxing. The sugar paste also doesn’t attach to living skin cells, but instead removes dead cells from the skin which results in softer and smoother skin – without the uncomfortable redness!

The sugar paste consists of natural ingredients which don’t irritate the skin or lay open to allergies whilst providing long lasting results. It’ll be coming to our salon very soon (within the next couple of weeks) and we’ll give you more details as to when it’s arriving so you’ll have plenty of notice to get yourself booked in!

New Beauty Room coming to Kalypsos

We’re currently in the process of transforming a room at the back of the salon into a beauty therapy room. When it’s finished we’ll provide our eyebrow and eyelash shape and tint services as well as your mani and pedi’s and our makeovers with our New CID Cosmetics range! We can’t wait until it’s ready!


Boobs charity

At Kalypsos we’re big supporters of breast cancer charities and in the past have taken part in events to help raise money to fight breast cancer. This year is no different – in fact “BIGGER Boobs” has got a big plan.

There is going to be a Boobs Bootcamp!! The boot camp will run for 6 weeks starting on 25th July with a one week break on 15th August. Each week will cost £5 and all proceeds will go to the BIGGER Boobs charity.

It will be a one hour full body workout with cardio vascular exercises and also strength and toning work, all the exercises can be tailored to different ages and abilities so anyone from absolute beginners to regular exercisers can benefit. It will be a different session every week so that it doesn’t get boring and as Lara is a qualified nutritional advisor she is also happy to do a quick Q&A session regarding nutrition and weight loss if you wish. Participants will need to wear trainers and bring water and a towel. All sessions will take place at Shaftesbury Youth Club at 8pm.

Are you ready to get fit, raise money and support Bigger Boobs?! We’ll see you there!

Could you be our next future professional?

Would you like to follow your dream with a hands-on career that will change your life? Make that move and join us as an apprentice/ future professional.
Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to become one of our team at Kalypsos. No age restrictions. Call us on 01747 855400 or email us on info@kaylpsos.co.uk