We have our winning Supermum of 2017!

We asked you to nominate your amazing mums for a chance to treat them to a years’ worth of haircare at Kalypsos. Well, you nominated and we chose (with great difficulty!) our winner!

Congratulations to Kay McBride – who is our new Supermum! She was nominated by one of her daughters who felt that this year she deserved some well-earned pampering on us, and after reading her nomination, we had to agree!

Our Supermum’s story:

We have our winning Supermum of 2017!Kay’s youngest daughter Ruby-Mae is 6 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 2, which has become more severe as she’s getting older. She was given an Insulin pump nearly three years ago, which has helped give her more freedom and now she only needs injections if her blood sugar is high – whereas before she was having between 7-10 injections a day on top of the blood testing!

Kay has to take Ruby-Mae to the hospital every 4-6 weeks to have adjustments made for the dose on her pump as well as phone consultations in between. Due to the erratic behaviour of her diabetes, Kay has to do (on average) 10 – 15 blood sugar tests a day. This means that Kay has to test Ruby-Mae’s blood sugar levels every hour, all whilst looking after her other two daughters and making sure they’re set for school! At present 4-6 nights a week on average Kay has to test through the night.

The past year has been especially hard for Kay and Ruby-Mae as Ruby has experienced heart attack like symptoms after prolonged low blood sugars, and recently lost her sight temporarily in her left eye due to the blood sugar irregularities. The subcutaneous fat has also collapsed on one side of her stomach making it difficult to find places to insert the cannula and tubing in her stomach.

Amongst all of this, Kay is raising money to get Ruby-Mae a new continuous glucose monitor which is basically a small chip/sensor that is inserted into the tummy which takes a blood sugar every 15-20 seconds, and this information can be fed back to Kay’s phone or iPad where she can watch a graph showing her the fluctuations, thus being able to prevent hypo (low blood sugars) and hyper (high blood sugars) attacks. If Ruby-Mae’s blood sugars dip below or above a certain level an alarm will sound. If you’d like to help our Supermum get Ruby-Mae the monitor she needs that will improve her life (and stop having blood tests done every day!) then please donate to Kay’s fundraising page here.

We have our winning Supermum of 2017!On Sunday 30th April Kay and her family are holding a fundraising football match which will be held at Shaftesbury FC. Ruby’s football team will be captained by AFCB legend Warren Cummings and will be played against Shaftesbury FC.. The kick-off will be at 1pm.

In the evening there will be a dinner where Sir Geoff Hurst will be hosting the auction and give an after dinner talk.

For more information on this event visit the Facebook page here.

Poor Ruby-Mae has been through a rough time and our Supermum Kay has been there for her whilst being a strong pillar for their family. Kay definitely deserves some pampering during this difficult year ahead!

Thank you all for your wonderful nominations, it definitely wasn’t easy to choose!

Get flip-flop ready with a discount on our pedicures

We have our winning Supermum of 2017!The sun’s out and this can only mean one thing – dusting off your favourite pair of sandals to sun those toes!

Get yourself flip-flop ready and treat yourself to a pedi whilst getting your hair done. When you book a haircut and pedi together your pedicure will only be £20, saving you a whopping £15 on your pretty toes!

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Less painful hair removal just in time for summer!

Dreading the thought of waxing through the sunny seasons this year? Fear not! Book yourself in to be skin candied instead!

Eliminate the possibility of shaving rashes and ingrown hairs from waxing by popping in to our salon for our Skin Candy treatment. Your skin will leave our salon moisturised, silky smooth and soft which will last for weeks! You can see how much it is to get Skin Candied on our web page here. Call us now to book your skin in for our hair removal treatment.

Money raised by BOOBS charity is making big changes!

We have our winning Supermum of 2017!

Last October we supported our local charity BOOBS at their event which raised over £4k! Well, we’re SO chuffed to let you know what your wonderful donations have done.

A whopping £2,000 was donated to Stars Appeal which enabled them to open a dedicated Breast Unit in Salisbury – their grand opening was on 1st April! This dedicated breast unit allows women and men to receive a faster diagnosis, quicker access to treatment, state-of-the-art equipment and a purpose-built, spacious waiting, diagnostic and treatment rooms dedicated entirely to breast patients. We’re absolutely thrilled! You can read all about the unit on their website here.

£1,000 has also been donated to Breast Inflammatory Research as well as £250 to Breast Cancer Awareness and Weldmar – each!

Easter Bank Holiday open hours

Easter is upon us already! In April our salon will be closed Fri 14th, Sun 16th and Mon 17th for the bank holidays, but we will still be open on Sat 15th.

A quick notice: We no longer provide our SunShower tanning bed service. We apologise for any inconvenience!